Compelling torch reasons

Warning those hoses are only rated for acetylene not propane. If
you use them with propane they will fail from a chemical reaction
with the propane. Which is too bad as I sure would like to have a

Thanks to Jim Binnion and Peter Rowe for pointing out that the hoses
from that I was raving about were not rated for
propane. Yikes! I had completely missed this originally, and I’ve
been using them for a year or so with propane/oxy!

But GOOD NEWS! The company confirmed that propane will degrade the
material about 25% faster the acetylene, so I can still use them-
but can only expect 7-8 years use rather than 10. As long as I
monitor their condition I should have no problem. They are also
actively working on lighter hoses specifically rated for propane,
availability TBA. As for me and my torch, we’ll continue to zip
around, unencumbered by heavy red and green hoses. Whew! I didn’t
want to give them up!

So, Jim, go ahead and get a set!

Allan Mason