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Comparing rolling mills

I wonder if anyone can give me advice on brands of rolling mills.

I need a light duty rolling mill, but one that is relatively easy to
turn. I know about the 4:1 gear ratio, but most of them seem to have
this. Cavellini is very expensive, Pepe, Durston and some others are
in the middle, and then there are India-made mills.

What, if anything, is the difference in quality as far as use? I’ll
only be using it once every few weeks, for thinning sheet stock and
for impressing designs. Ease of turning would be the biggest factor
for me. Would the very inexpensive ones from India suffice? Are
their rollers any less smooth/polished, or any other factors that
affect light use? I have a friend with a Cavellini for sale, but it’s
still quite expensive and I’m not sure the extra money is worth it
for my level of use. I just need a flat roller, not the combo with
wire rollers.

Marilyn in MA


The Flat Rolling Mill (Indian) with gear will cost you $ 175.00 +
ship $23.00 Total $ 198.00.

Cavallin is a good mill and strong. If the Rollers are in good shape
and the price is around $300 I would go for that one instead.

The Indian Mill has a waranttee for one year Covering all Parts &
Labor. You could order this from us directly.

Regards Kenneth Singh

I just bought a mini mill from stuller that I am very happy with.
#28-2000 4:1 ratio that rolls wire and half round. Under $300. and
only cost $11. to ship. Talk to Andy in the Tool Dept.


Hello Marilyn, Some years ago I bought a 3 inch wide rolling mill
from 46 Jewelry Supply, (Kenneth Singh, is a strong supporter of
Orchid) website

I was unsure about its quality because of the modest price. NOT to
worry. I’ve been very pleased with it - especially the additional
patterned rollers I got with it. An easy way to turn wire into
patterned half-round. I have not found any flaw in the smooth

Like you, my use is not for major production and it is a wonderful
convenience to be able to roll down sheet and put patterns on metal.
This mill is perfect for that use… however the roller is only 3
inches wide. If you think you’ll work with wider sheet, check

Standard disclaimer - no affiliation - just a pleased customer, Judy
in Kansas

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
B.A.E. 237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhatttan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936 FAX (785) 532-6944