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Comparing Burnout Ovens

I am in the market for a larger burnout oven for lost wax casting. I require a min. Chamber size of 12”x12”x12”. I had been planning on this model from Rio but have been hesitating due to price $2400 + freight

I recently found this kiln manufactured by Olimpic $1416.80 + free shipping!

Both have programmable controls. Does anyone have any experience with Olympic kilns as burnout ovens or do you have any thoughts or observations in comparing these two options?
Thank you!

Where are you located, I have a hones 57 oven hardly used for sale cheap
been in storage, needs paint.

Hello Lpaul

I am located in Maine…

-Steve Mitman

You might consider buying the kiln and the controller separately.

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The controller separate is a great strategic idea. If it’s integral and it goes out, you have no burnout kiln. If its attached, it can be replaced and the kiln can run on manual.

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Could you pls send pics and details of your oven and price asked ?

Excellent suggestions.

The separate controller is a great idea.

Thank you.


@eileenfloron and @Steve_Mitman yes the stand alone controller is best. I’ve built two of them now the last one parts were less than $100
Regards RLW

I’m so glad you put on your picture. Every time you post I think its my wife. Rita Lane Wade. RLW

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LOL Ronald Lee Wade – I’m glad we look different. Especially for her, hate to have her stuck with my mug.

Me too