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Companionship in a studio?

Dear Orchidians,

I have just gotten back from spending a month working in a jewelry
studio in Mexico. The main thing I learned was that I really
enjoyed having other people around in the studio. Not to be talking
with but just being there. And yes, sometimes showing and discussing
an idea. I have worked alone for so many years I had forgotten how
nice it was to have someone around while working. It reminded me of
those lovely years in University art studios where we would work
with like minded people all day and sometimes half the night.

My question is have any of you found this to be true for you and how
have you found people to share the studio with? Remember I live in
Asia where people don’t have hobbies as a rule and probably my most
interested people are wives of businessmen who are here on an
overseas posting. I work all day at a school so only get to the
studio evenings when they most likely need to be home with husband
and kids. I am hoping to find some sort of solution but am so far at
a loss for ideas. Also house theft is a big problem here so
discretion is also needed.

Sharron in cloudy but still hot Kuala Lumpur

have any of you found this to be true for you and how have you
found people to share the studio with? 

Sharron, I spent 25 years in 8 different South/Central American
countries; my husband was in the diplomatic service. I found that in
all of those places there were English speakers, mostly spouses of
diplomatic missions or teachers at the schools who were interested
in learning what I knew (I was an enamelist then) and I offered a
weekend class and a week-night class. I even offered classes for
older teens in the summer. I also had several classes of Spanish
speakers who saw my work and wanted to learn. Diplomatic missions
and teachers at the American/Canadian/British schools are fairly
safe places to look for students, who may turn into studio
companions after a few classes. I managed to leave enamels,
equipment and a working enamelist in most of the places I lived.

Donna in VA

Hi Sharron in cloudy but still hot Kuala Lumpur Nice to hear from you

I’ve been sharing a studio space since I started, well actually to
be precise my wife Ruth shared her space with me. Since we met about
25 years ago and I started making stuff it’s been in this shared
workshop. It’s been very stimulating being able to knock a few ideas
around, to get support and feedback. We work on our individual work
and sometimes help each other out. Luckily we both share music
preferences, so no clashes there.


B r i a n A d a m