Companies who cast silver palladium

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to find a company who will cast a couple of wax rings
for me inthis relatively new alloy, silver plus palladium, who will
accept credit cards or Paypal.

I live in New Zealand and we do not have this facility here (not
like you lucky people in some countries) and I have contacted
Stuller who will do this but are asking for a wire transfer (which I
can only assume is a bank transfer) that will cost US$50!!! My
customers would like to keep the costs down and in addition I do
find these charges rather excessive.

I wish to use this alloy as I have read on the forum that this metal
wears like 14kt gold, which is ideal for wedders for some of my
clients. Any tips regarding these lower cost silver alloys would be
greatly appreciated.


Mieke- I’ve used Continuum Stuller’s palladium silver alloy. I
really like it. It is more costly than sterling but it’s very strong
and certainly cheaper than gold. I don’t use it for a substitute for
gold. I just now use it instead of sterling.

You can just buy the metal from Stuller and cast it yourself or farm
it out to a local caster. It doesn’t take any special tools or
techniques to work with. It solders like gold.

The only thing extra needed is a kiln that will hold it at 800F for
45 minutes. Then quench to get it as hard as it can be. Lovely to set
and work with. Great spring and wearability.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Hi Jo,

Actually it was because of what you had written about this alloy
that I wanted to try it out. However, it has been a bit of a
minefield trying to get rings cast in this metal. I know you like
Stuller and that is why I approached them to begin with but it has
been difficult to set up accounts that wouldwork efficiently for me.
Nonetheless, not to be deterred I have now set up an account with
Hoover &Strong and they have been very helpful and I am goingto send
over some waxes next week to see how it goes.

Another member suggested that I buy the metal and get it cast here.
I asked around in NZ but so far no luck. Maybe one man casters are a
quiet lot here.

Thank you for your suggestions and to other members of Orchid who
have helped.


To be honest. $50 don’t sound too bad. Isn’t shipping going to be
more than that?

Try ‘Alloy Research’ part of Australian Refiners. Avalon Sydney

They can cast anything, I use them for all my metals and casting.

Whilst that is true, other charges are also be incurred such as my
bank charging to send it and there will be conversion charges as
well. On the whole the charges for the casting will be the lesser
cost. As far as postage goes, I am guessing it will be about
US$30-50. I just like to do my best for my customers.



Please make sure that Hoover & Strong casts your waxes in Continuum
sterling. Their own palladium silver is quite soft in as-cast
condition (80HV) while Continuum sterling casts at or above 100HV
(25% harder).

Though they both contain palladium and silver, the mechanical
properties are quite different!!

Hi Randi,

Thanks for the it’s very enlightening.

I didn’t know that H&S cast in Continuum also, I thought it was a
Stuller product only. I have had a couple of rings cast by H&S and
they are on their way back to me, however in the meantime Suller
have set up an account for me and I am able to pay by credit card. I
have ordered some continuum silver grain to try out. Through
Ganoksin I have found a small company in NZ who has agreed to cast
the continuum for me. I am looking forward to see how these 'new’
metals work and how my clients like them.