Companies' Mix ups

Greetings Fellow Creatives and especially to Will,

This is my first posting. My formal name is Jasmin Davis-Shearer, AKA
Radiant Jasmin. I am a multimedia visual and performance artist:
Jeweler, poet, singer, dancer, electronic musician & painter (yes,
there are some things I don’t do :slight_smile:

I have had delivery mix ups from UPS, FedEx and jewelry supply

There was the time when UPS sent my printer from Gateway to someone
else, the time Rio Grande ( who I usually have no complaints about)
sent me someone else’s order through FedEx, just because her name
was also Jasmin! (though she spelled it differently ). Then there
was the horrible, awful, nightmarish UPS shipment. It was a few years
ago, so I don’t quite remember all of the details, it went something
like this:

I was expecting an order of precious metal, I wasn’t home for the
first delivery attempt. I called UPS to keep the package at their
pickup center, since it was near my “day job” at the time, so I
wouldn’t miss the delivery. I do this all the time with Fed Ex and it
always goes smoothly. Well, for some strange reason, they sent it
back to the company!

So, I had them send it back to hold at the pickup counter, with UPS
covering the shipping costs (oh course!) Then they sent it back to
my house ( I was at work), saying"can’t you have the driver leave it
on your porch? No, I told them, not when the package contains gold!

Then I had to contact the supervisors of the facility ( which was a
job in itself) and have my packages held with a supervisor for me to
pick up directly. } -(

Thank goodness that metal wasn’t for a rush job (like for wedding
rings) because this whole process took about a week or more. I was
completely through with UPS at that point, couldn’t stand them and
thankfully at that point Rio Grande, (who I get a large amount of my
supplies from) had a wonderful contract w/FedEx (now Rio shipments
from FedEx cost a finger and toe :frowning: I’ve now forgiven UPS, we all
make mistakes and I’ve had no trouble from them since then.

Just know that as smoothly as the amazing system of shipping that we
benefit from, sometimes there are snags. And good companies
sometimes have goof ups, (I know I do and I expect my customers to
give me another chance.

Radiant Creations
"Bask in the Splendor of Beauty"