Commercial waxes... Oh!

Commercially available waxes

I would like to mention that many of the " commercial waxes" that
you might buy from a " wax House" more than likely was not created
by them… and they don’t know who owns the copyright… Why do I
say this? welll… When I was doing sales for a supply company in
the 1980’s , I frequented many manufacturers in NY… they used to
buy waxes from 3 or 4 “wax Houses” to get new designs into their
lines … in many cases , while I was visiting their shops, the
manufacturer would send them 10 or 20 waxes in exchange for the
waxes they received… the waxes they received were not theirs to
give away… they actually belonged to some of their customers… I
saw this with my own eyes.

At another point in time … a few weeks later, I got called by a
few companies that wanted to buy injection wax and mold rubber…
When I went to visit them, I found that the 2 companies I went to
see were the companies that were exchanging waxes with jewelry
production companies . They would then cast the waxes , make molds
on them… then, sell the subsequent waxes for $1 or so per piece in
their catalogs to people who thought they were buying waxes that
were in the public domain… Which was not the case. However, they
were never caught and are still in business today doing the same

That is not to say that there might exist a company that only makes
their own models and then sells the waxes publicly… I just never
heard of one that does. It just does not make any sense… Would you
spend $500 on a model + a mold to sell a few waxes for a dollar or 2
??? probably not !!!

This , In my opinion is a very bad practice.
Daniel Grandi
Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc.