Comment: Let's talk gemstones - Aquamarine

Dear Ms. Anthony: I very much enjoyed your article about aquamarine.
It was filled with knowledge and fasinating lore. It might interest
you to know that the legend here is that the German’s closed and
camofaged the Maxixe Mine after discovering that the colored faded.
Also that the name Maxixe was given because of the Maxixe which was
abundant in the area. Maxixe is a bitter member of the gerkin family
which is served warm.

Today probably as much aquamarine is heated sawed or roughly formed
as is heated cut. The reason for this is that the recovery is
better. If one cuts and some stones crack or include, one does not
have to pay recuting charges. If the final form is not applied there
is more flexability as to what form will give the highest recovey if
a crack appears. Also, although it is a charming legend which I
think is true, no one here bakes aquamarine bread anymore. Yours,
David Stanley Epstein