For those of you who do not know, I was diagnosed with cancer a
little over a year ago. I had to shut down a retail store, a
tradeshop, and our school. Went through three surgeries, radiation,
and chemotherapy. I have not worked in almost a year and a half.
Spent the last 3 months constructing a new personal studio, and a
temporary classroom…

I just finished instructing a 5 day (50 hour) experimental INTENSIVE
Engraving workshop… this was a minor miracle!

I was not at all sure that I would ever be able to work at what I
love doing. There was a lot of new damage to a body that was already
damaged pretty badly. But I did it.

This would not have happened were it not for Orchid.

First Carol Lorentz emailed me inquiring about my workshops, having
seen my posts on Orchid. She was not aware that I hadn’t taught for
all this time. She kept after me, emailing and calling at least a
half dozen times. She had a friend, Kate Dwyer, who was also
interested. Then Karl Linger wrote after I made a rather timid reply
to his post on Orchid inquiring about engraving instruction, and we
were off!

Now that I have proven that I can, I will continue to offer small (3
to 6 participants) workshops on various subjects out of my home
studio. If I continue to improve we will move back into a commercial
building and start where I left off.

Again, this would never have happened without Orchid. I would still
be just thinking about it… and wondering if I could.

Thank you Hanuman!

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
2207 Lucile Ave.
Stockton, CA 95209
209-477-0550 Workshop/Classrooms


I remember seeing you in Tucson, at the dinner for Hanuman, hearing
for the first time that you had cancer. I remember our lively chats
on the phone prior to this and thinking how odd it was to finally
meet you under such sad circumstances. I remember shaking your hand
and giving you a hug, and thinking to myself, would this be the last
time I saw you.

Then there you were again, in San Francisco, smiling, and I thought,
wow, great, you are still here and beating this thing.

And now, I read this post, again, smiling. If there is a healing
power in community, which I firmly believe, then you are a testament
to that power.

Keep fighting the good fight. We are all here behind you.


Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph: 781/891-3854
Fx: 781/891-3857
email: @Karen_Christians
Board Member of SNAG

Congratulations on the return of your school and your love And thank
you so much for sharing your story Dreams really do come true and
this list is one of the most powerful vehicles I’ve seen.

All the best and thanks again- and thank you to the creators and all
the contributors to this list - you’ve opened up the world of
possibility to a lot of us

aka Skabeads

Dear All, I am so glad to see Brian Marshal post about his school
and more importantly his ability to continue teaching. I was fortunate
to have the opportunity to go see Brian’s teaching studio during the
last SNAG conference. I was very impressed and having gotten to know
Brian a bit because of Orchid, I know he has allot to offer anyone
seeking metalsmithing education.

Sam Patania

Brian, That’s an amazing recovery – may you have many more years of
teaching and jewelry ahead! I know a few people who are struggling
with health concerns, and it’s heartening to hear of someone making
it and thriving like that.


   I just finished instructing a 5 day (50 hour) experimental
INTENSIVE Engraving workshop... this was a minor miracle! 

Hello Brian.

Bravo! This is indeed good news.

The Orchid community is the best; a true blessing.

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix

Dear Brian, You go boy!!! The human spirit and body has amazing
resilience. We don’t know how strong we are until we are put into a
position where we are tested. Thanks for sharing your story it proves
once again Orchid “kicks butt”. Thank you Hanuman, you rock!

Cathy Wheless

Brian, Having known of you primarily from Rocio, I was unaware of
your health situation.

After I saw you in Tucson, I sent Rocio a message telling her I
thought you did not look well. She replied you indeed were ill. I am
sorry to read just how seriously.

I applaud the life blood giving Orchid Community for connecting us
all at a level above simply exchanging This does show
how much beyond the initial purpose we have traveled, and also the
power of all.

I am aware of yet another member staying a step ahead of cancer, I
admit I am so happy to see a post from her. I, once in a while with
trepidation will send her a message asking of her health.

I think there is good to come of caring, encouraging posts from one
to another. Yes some are very private persons and prefer that
other’s are not aware. There are many that will benefit. So what is
the next step?

Brian, for you personally, yes give and share your knowledge to the
extent of your stamina. More will come and you will have more to
give. Great future goal. Teresa

Hellooooo Orchid, I just returned home from Brian’s workshop on
engraving this past week. Sooo here’s my feedback: I was at first
concerned for Brian, regarding the recent battle for his good
health, but It seemed that with a smaller class ( 3 this time ) that
it would be a good indicator as to how he would fare. Well I can’t
speak for my womderful classmates but believe me it was not Brian who
was dragging his butt through the long days of on
engraving that he has amassed over the past 30 years.

I found the classes to be challenging but very informative. The
hardest thing for me is when trying to learn a new skill, I am
experiencing the learning curve immediately and then trying to apply
the new class info as it progresses. But thats just as it shoul be
!!! We had at our disposal, both GRS and Lindsey equippment to
experiment with, and Brian demonstrated on both so that we could
return home and make an educated decision on which direction would be
best for us individually.

I would " highly recomend" Brian’s classes to anyone trying to gain
an introduction to the wonderful world of hand engraving. I would
also try to get out to see him before he makes what seems to be the
inevitable next step and expands his classes to a greater number of
students per class. It was an incredible luxury having him there for
just the three of us to listen to and be able to ask many questions
and requests for " yet another" demo of how he made that look so
good and effortless .I felt so fortunate to be there, welcomed into
his home and introduced to his family and wonderful wife Melanie who
happens to be expert and instructs all Adobe products @ the local
collage ( I got a free lesson ).

Thank you “Maestro” for your time and expertise and for sharing it
with us, I look forward to visiting again to refine my skills after
much practice nd Thank You Orchid Community for another wonderful

Brian I send all Gods light!
Peace Karl Linger

Brian, My name is Paul Coca and I met you sometime back at the little
rock show up here in Valley Springs. I’m so glad to hear of your
recovering from cancer and just wanted to touch base. I thought of
your enraving course and still would like to attend that if you
offer an advanced course.

I have opened a retail store in Angels Camp-Firefall
Jewelers-historic area. Stop by and say hi if your ever out this

So glad to here your doing well.

Paul Coca

I was one of the 3 students in Brian Marshall’s workshop last week.
After hearing of Brian’s 30 years of experience in the art of
engraving I could not believe my good fortune to be able to learn in
such a small class. The workshop was my 1st introduction to hand

I felt very comfortable and as Karl said, we were immediately
welcomed by Brian and his family. It was an intensive week and a
wonderful experience. I would also like to highly recommend
Brian’s workshop.

Brian, my thanks again for sharing so much; the lessons, boundless
patience and kindness.