Combined tourch setup

Howdy, I was wondering if it is advisable to have a flame working
burner for glass (uses Oxy/propane), on the same lines as my
oxy/propane jewelers torch. Of course I would “T” or “Y” with some
sort of valve, and I would only use one at a time. There could be a
question about the regulators, but I havent thought it through that

I would really like to do this, unless it is moronic, of course.


Holly, I have just set my torch up exactly as you describe (with a Y
connector)and so far it has worked fine. You can get Y connectors
with small valves on each end of the Y, so you can even turn off the
flow to that particular torch. You can use both torches at once - the
glass shop showed me where they have about 6 torches off 3 lines. I
did install a flash back inhibitor because the flame-working torch
puts out a huge flame and I was nervous about it…

The biggest issue in doing this for me is that I don’t have enough
space to have both flame working and jewelry working going at once.
AND you need a fair bit of clearance for the long flame of the glass

HTH - good luck!
Mary Barker