Coloured Moissanite

Does anybody know anything about the process used to colour Moissanite? I’m particularly interested in blue Moissanite, but I’m not sure whether it’s merely a surface treatment or whether the colour goes all the way through the gem.


Hello Helen,
According to the Amora website, their blue (blue-green, really) moissanite is through colored blue at the time of synthesis, whereas other blue moissanite is indeed coated to produce the blue. I think you could probably see blue coating on immersion in an immersion fluid, but I’m not sure because the RI of moissanite is so high. Maybe someone else knows for sure.

Thanks for your reply Roy.

Helen Hill


To some extend, internal colour change can be possible through heat treatment. Whereas surface treatment also in practice at market which is not lost longer comparing to internal colour change. This is due to surface coating can’t with stand to much chemical exposure which is essential in jewellery making. Nevertheless to say, that heat treated one is higher price than a surface coated.


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Thanks Uma.