Colors of Diamonds

Most people have no idea of the wide variety of colors diamonds can
be found. They come in virtually any color in the rainbow. If you
have not seen the exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum, it
is a must see. The Aurora Collection is spectacular. For those who can
not make it to the show there are a couple great books on COLORED
DIAMONDS, The Stephen Hofer book “Collecting and Classiffying
Coloured Diamonds” is an illustrated study of the Aurora Collection.
My favorite diamond book is Harvey Harris’s book " Fancy Color
Diamonds". It does a tremendous job showing a wide variety of colored
diamonds and explaining in simple terms what causes the color. For
those who are not in the position to buy the natural color, I have a
significant collection of treated color diamonds in the .01 to 1.00 ct
range, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black and brown,
priced from about $500-2,000 a carat.

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