ColorIt demo in Pawtucket RI

Hi all, I thought some of you who are interested in enameling and
decorative effects might be interested in a free seminar Gesswein is
sponsoring in Pawtucket RI this Monday May 14th.

The seminar will introduce you to ColorIt. ColorIt is not an enamel.
It’s not an epoxy or resin. It is a ceramic-reinforced composite
material. It’s actually the same material (somewhat changed of
course) that the dentist uses on teeth to fill in, for example, the
gap produced by receding gums. This material is really hard (7-8

ColorIt is a liquid that comes in many different colors, which can
also be mixed to produce any shade (in transparent or opaque). The
colors can be soft and muted or bold & brilliant, even neon shades
are possible.

Best of all ColorIt can be sanded, sand-blasted, filed, buffed to
high shine, inlaid, wire brushed. And it won’t crack or fall out.
It will withstand scratching much better than the gold or silver you
apply it to.

It’s pretty cool stuff.

Anyway you can see it demonstrated this Monday May 14th. You can
also try it yourself there if you like.

Pawtucket, RI

Any further questions, or if you want to attend, contact Ted Koch @
1-800-544-2043 ext 313 (voicemail, leave a message) or email him at

We’re also having seminars in New York City, on May 10 & 11. Contact
Ted above if you want info on that one. There’ll be on in LA at some
point too and again Ted can fill you in.

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
VP Technical Services
Gesswein Co. Inc. USA