Coloring PMC

Actually, it does work. I took one of Tim’s early PMC workshops and
the same question occurred to me. We tried it and found that if you
mix 75% 24k PMC with 25% Silver PMC, you get 18k Green. You can also
color PMC with enamels. Ken Weston

Hello Ken Weston,

I'm glad you mentioned the combination of 24K gold and .999 silver

PMC to create 18K green gold. The current Studio PMC publication
shows some work using this mixture. I have a few questions:

  1. This may be a “duh” question, but I’ll ask anyway. Are the
    proportions weighed to determine amounts to mix? Example: 10 gr
    silver PMC and 30 gr gold PMC?

  2. What temperature and time should be used for firing the mixture?

  3. If the mixture is used on silver PMC, what is the proper
    procedure for firing?

Thanks so much, and a special thanks to Hanuman and Ton for their
ongoing dedication to this forum! Judy in Kansas