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Colorful Copper Jewelry in Animal Designs

We have been working on our jewelry since 1985. We have created the techniques and the designs ourselves over the years. We have participated in many craft shows in Canada and the US, and we believe that we are the only ones making this type of jewelry. We go through 32 steps to complete each piece. Copper sheets are polished, silver-plated and the designs are printed onto the silver-plated surface. Then the shapes are cut out by hand using shears or cutting tools. Each piece is diamond cut by hand to make them sparkle. We form the jewelry to make them look richer.
colorful-horse-copper-chain-necklaces-NC-LD42 colorful-horse-earrings-CJ-35

hummingbird-and-flowers-purple-bracelets-BSJ-44 round-painted-pony-earrings-sw-native-copper-wire-jewelry-LJ-19 unique-copper-feather-bracelet-BCF-05

Welcome to Ganoksin. I enjoyed seeing the photo examples of your work - quite nice. Your process is quite interesting. Thank you for posting.

Thank you very much, Bob