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Colores resins and hardner


I’m working with Colores on sterling silver and have an ink by FW
that is a gorgeous shade of green that I have not been able to
duplicate with my Colores resins.

Does anyone know if it possible to mix an opaque acrylic artist ink
with Colores hardner and paint it on sterling? Can you mix the golden
series heavy body acrylics with Colores hardner? And, I have heard of
mixing Colores hardner with eye shadow containing glitter. Is the
stiring/mixing time the same? Is the drying the same? Are the mixing
proportions 2 parts resin (or ink or eye shadow) and one part hardner
the same?

Thanks for any help.

Mary A.

Dear Mary,

I have been playing around with Colores and have found that if you
keep the hardener to resin ratios of the Colores constant to their
instructions and add any other colorants like eye shadow or ink (that
are not chemically reactive with the resin or hardener) in
afterwards, the Colores will set-up in about 72 hours.

The problem is how do you find out what the chemical composition for
different make-ups or inks are. I do not think you could mix the
Colores hardener with random other acrylics and expect it to set-up

Hope this helps,
Nanz Aalund

Hi Mary,

You might want to try a colorless resin, such as Devcon 5 minute and
20 minute epoxies for mixing with other colors.

Devcon labeling is 5 minute and 20 ton. The 20 ton is best for the
final jewelry as it has a 20 minute working time, a 24 hour curing
time but has excellent UV resistance to keep your colors bright.
After sanding, I spray mine with a fixative like Krylon Matt Spray.
This pops the flat colors from sanding which absorb light.

This gives you a large range of color experimentation with mixing
colors, gradients of color etc. I suggest making a huge color
template with all the colors you use, if it is Colores or Devcon.
Experiment! Play! If you create a good template, you won’t have to
reinvent the wheel, which is why I advocate solid documentation.

You can use Krylon Acrylic spray for a glossy look on the Devcon,
but this is only a thin exterior coat. If you want a high gloss, than
Colores is great for this. Colores’ unique property is that it is an
acrylic high gloss which is perfect for highly saturated colors like
yellows, pinks, blues and greens without having to use high fired

Spices and coloring in Devcon change, such as tumeric. Tumeric mixed
with epoxy goes from its original color of deep orange to blood red.
Now I know when I need a deep red, I can use tumeric.

I haven’t played with Colores yet, but now I am eager to get moving
on another range of coloring and see what this does.

Set up time depends on the chemical makeup of what you are mixing.
The pH of make-up, spices, dry paint pigments are all different and
they will effect the curing times and the outcome of your ultimate
color. This is where documentation is critical. Spend the time making
samples, document the time for curing, reactions to certain colors
and pigments, if they work or don’t work.

If you spend the time doing this, your work will benefit from the
effort you put into this all important step.

Karen Christians
Waltham, MA

You might want to try a colorless resin, such as Devcon 5 minute
and 20 minute epoxies for mixing with other colors. 

I have the impression (and some experience) that all epoxies yellow
sooner or later. Is this not so?

I read an article some months ago in (I think) Lapidary
Journal/Jewelry Artist about different clear resins. It touted a
newer one as being nearly perfect… Of course, I don’t remember
more than that, but it could be tracked down. I’ll see if I can lay
my hands on it.


Hi all, I’ve been starting to work with resins and am searching for
a quality one suitable for jewelry - instead of using whatever
resins I can get in our local hardware stores - but have not heard
of one called colores - is this a brand name and if so, could you
point me towards an internet supplier? Or other opinions on good
jewelry casting resins.

much appreciated

Whistling Frog Studio
St. Lucia

but have not heard of one called colores - is this a brand name and
if so, could you point me towards an internet supplier? 

You can find Colores at Rio Grandee



Colores is sold in the Rio catalogue. Read the instructions very
carefully. The colors are wonderful! The application is challenging.
It takes time to stir the colors and to mix the color and the
hardner. It takes time to learn to use the bottles with the syringes.
The drying time is minimum 24 hours. On my last piece I applied a
second color after 23 hours and the colors ran together on the
sterling. I am in the process of removing two layers of Colores and
re-reading the instructions. I will be sure I allow 72 hours for
drying when I re-apply the Colores.

Now that I better understand the process I like it. Good luc

I think colores is actually a repackaged product from Rhode Island,
I will have to look up the original producer if you would like but
it won’t change the use directions.


Hi Finola - Regarding Colores: I’ve had very good results with them.
And Mary is right - the colors are wonderful and the syringes can be
tricky. In some very tight spots where only a drop or two are needed,
I’ve had remarkably good results using a very sharp toothpick. Just
take your time. I’ve done some practice work on crumpled aluminum
foil. It may seem like a waste of Colores, but, it may save some
heartache in the end. Just a thought & enjoy! Sue

I love plastics and resins and the best source I can give you is

They have a variety of epoxies for a wide range decorative uses. I
hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:

Erica Finkowski
Tyler School of Art

thanks to all for their help - and yes, I’d appreciate finding out an
original source of colores - I have found durenamel at progress tools

  • quite big bottles, a bit much for me right now, ceramit sets - a
    little more affordable small pots, also and I’ll have a look around
    the RBC Industries site. I also found the UV Resin kit at contenti
    and of course colorit at gesswein which was the result of more
    detailed Orchid searching.

by the time I finish up my current supplies, I’ll have gathered
enough info to decide where to go from there, many thanks all