Colored Stone Reader's Choice

I wanted to let everyone out there in Orchidland know about our
Reader’s Choice designer contest. We ran this last year and had a
great response, so I thought I’d drop you all a note to make sure you
have a chance to participate if you’re interested. Basically, what we
do is ask people to nominate their favorite jewelry designer, and
then we put the nominees (narrowed down to a manageable field)
online, with images of their work, for our readers to vote. Whoever
wins will be profiled in our July/August issue.

(Last year’s winner was a man named Michael Alexander; you can read
the story at

If you read it and think, “well, I know someone who can do better
than that,” I hope you’ll go nominate him/her! ;-> )

The deadline for nominations is Feb. 18, and then voting will begin
at the beginning of April. You can get more or make a
nomination online at Or, of course, you can
e-mail me either on or offlist with any questions.

Morgan Beard
Colored Stone