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Colored stone appraiser

I am looking for a recommendation of an expert appraiser of colored
stones, especially sapphires, to give retail values. I am particular
interested in appraisers in the New York City area and the Washington
DC area.

Thank you,
Diane Sadel

If your willing to ship Sohn & McClure in Chas SC has an excellent
appraiser who has always loved the colored stones better. She has
appraised my stones for me and has a GG and the rest of the alphabet
soup from the GIA. Email me if you want their number.

Alicia Miller

Contact the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) or
The ISA (International Society of Appraisers)
The ASA and ISA will allow you to search for an appraiser qualified
in gemology as well as appraising.

Or any appraiser that is USPAP compliant (Uniform Standards of
Professional Appraisal Practice). You can get USPAP info at

Here is an article that wil help to qualify an appraiser.

Alicia, in my opinion, by far the best appraiser for that sort of
task is my friend, Charles Carmona at Guild Laboratories, Inc., 550 S
Hill St Ste1188, L.A., CA 90013, 800-909-4845. Charlie is a G.G.,
Accredited Senior Appraiser ( ASA), affiliated with A.G.T.A.,
I.G.T.A., etc,etc.

Even though I am a G.G. and appraiser, I send a lot of customers to
him because I think he is the most knowledgable, and scrupulously
honest appraiser I know (besides me, that is.) But I
don’t make my living at appraising and he does.