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Colored gemstone pricing index

Hello All.

I am wondering if someone could direct me to a reputable resource
for colored gemstone pricing. I would like to start designing some
pieces using some more obscure gemstone varieties, for which pricing
guidelines are not readily available. I have been to a few online
gemstone pricing index sites, all of which require a membership fee,
but I am unaware of their repuatations. None of them seemed to be
affiliated with any organization with which I am familiar.Any advice
would be appreciated.


I’m in the same boat as you…I have a lot of unusual materials, such
gem silica, blue peruvian opal, thulite and so on, and it’s really
hard to figure out prices. The only thing I know of for general
stones is “The Guide”, which is a quarterly published guide for
colored stones. It’s not cheap, but if you ask around, perhaps
someone will have a recent, but not current issue you can get. It
won’t help you with the more obscure gems, however. Basically, you
have to research what people are asking for it online. Don’t go by
ebay prices, however, they are usually too low, though you can keep
them to avg with the higher end prices for material…

Otherwise, the problem I have with pricing the unusual materials is
grading the material. When there isn’t much to compare it to online
(like the good gem silica)…it’s hard to know where in the continuum
to price it. I’ve seen prices running from $1/ct to $120/ct for “gem
silica” depending on quality/translucency etc…and sometimes it’s
just hard to draw the line.

let me know if you come across any good source for pricing info.


International Gem Society has a fairly accurate list for members.

Antoinette Matlins has several books that were accurate on the day
written, still in the ball park.

I use both of these, and then go to; and
alphaimports and believe it or not JTV to check their prices for
similar stones.

John Atwell Rasmussen, Ph.D.

One of the most reliable guides to colored gemstone pricing is The
Guide published for many years by Gemworld International, Inc.

Obscure stones are not listed as there is not enough of an
established market to generalize prices. it’s usually a matter
between buyer and seller, and often dependent on the quality of the

Wayne Emery

The Guide published by Richard Drucker is about as good a source as
you can get for colored gemstone pricing. There is a fee, but if you
want accurate people have to do research and