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Colored diamonds- small sizes


We’re looking ahead to Tucson and needing to purchase several suites
of colored diamond melee for a client’s wedding band project. We’ll
be looking for pinks, yellows, oranges, and browns in 1mm to 2.25mm
sizes. We’ll be needing about a carat of each color. We’d prefer
natural colors, but are willing to consider treated.

Who would you visit to find this sort of material? So far Manak is
on our list and we’ve made contact with them. Any other sources you
would recommend? We’re hoping to organize this search so we can hit
the ground running once we get to Tucson. We are registered for the
AGTA and JCK shows so far- other shows would be considered if there
was a great vendor for this type of material.

Thanks for your advice!
Brenda for David Lee
Golden Touch, Inc
dba david lee jeweler

Brenda- Manak is our go to for colored diamond melee.

We’ve been happy with them for years.

Getting larger colored diamonds and colored stones with strong color
is easier than smaller goods. You have to have super saturated rough
for the color to be strong on a tiny stone.

We also love Omi Gems for super colored melle.

Have fun at Tucson.

Hello Brenda,

AGTA is your best bet. If you don’t get some good recommendations,
go online and look at the listing of vendors. You still have time to
email those that look promising.

Judy in Kansas, who still hasn’t decided about making the journey. I
love the whole thing and a chance to see product ‘in person’ but am
not sure I really NEED to do that!!