Colorado Lapidary Section at 2002 SNAG Conference

Hello Orchidians,

Just thought I’d let you know about the upcoming first time SNAG
special event:

Colorado Lapidary Special Section - One Day Only - Friday June 14th
9AM to 4PM - at the Adams Mark Hotel North Convention Lobby in
cooperation with the 2002 Denver SNAG Conference in the same hotel.

Featured will be the following Colorado Lapidaries and Miners:

Stephen M. Avery - Numerous AGTA Cutting Edge winning contemporary

Mark Krivanek of The Gem Factory - Top quality faceting cut in the
heart of Colorado

Thomas Harth Ames - Extraordinary gem carvings

Denton Anderson of Gemological Services - Technical gem cutting,
carvings and inlay

John & Donna Rhoads of D&J Rare Gems - AGTA award winning faceted

Brian Lees of The Collectors Edge - Owner & Miner of the Colorado
Sweet Home Rhodocrosite mine and as of recently The California
Benitoite gem mine.

Steve Green (me) of Rough and Ready Gems - AGTA award winning
briolettes in over 50 gem materials

Hope you can stop by and meet us, chat for awhile, and see what we
do. Remember it is one day only, Friday June 14th. See you there.

Steve G.

Steve Green Great idea you have to get everyone together for a
presentation. I would be very interested to hear if the attendees
at the SNAG Conference actually do any business with the cutters.
Please keep us informed as to your success or failure. If you do
not want to post your results on ORCHID you may contact me
personally at @Galarneau_s. My idea is to get a similar
organization together and go directly to the public.

Gerry Galarneau
Las Vegas G+LW starts Friday
31 may, 2002

Steve: I will [probably be in Colorado Springs from the 5th to the 16
of June. Do I have to be a member of SNAG to attend this June 14th
Special Event in Denver. If I can attend without being a member
please let me know through Orchid.

Bill Bates, Owner

 can I attend without being a member" Bill Bates 

Dear Bill and All, You will need to ask SNAG this question.

I was graciously allowed the privilege to revive the Colorado
Special Section after it was cancelled. We had to make some
concessions, i.e. no sales at the Conference. However, the current
participants felt that the exposure, showing & promotion of our
products, services, and merchandise was well worth this small

For the best answers to your questions on how to get to see us and
the rest of the Denver SNAG 2002 Conference contact: Complete
Conference Coordinators at: Tel: 630-416-3030 Fax:
630-416-3333 email:

Or register directly for the Denver SNAG 2002 Conference at: The Society of North
American Goldsmiths website is:

Hope that helps,
Steve Green / Rough and Ready Gems, Inc.
Briolettes from Aqua to Zircon