Color it resin

Greetings to all Orchidians, Is there any one out there who can help
me find a supplier of the Color it UV activated resin. I have found
a supplier via the web in South Africa but have had no luck in
getting a reply out of them. I would like to purchase a set as soon
as possible, cost withstanding, so that I may complete my latest
master piece. I do recall seeing this product available through Rio
Grande a few years ago but they do not seem to have it in their
latest catalog.

Terence Dillon
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We use Colorit in our shop. You can purchase it domestically from the
Gesswein Company 800-243-4466.,

Hello Terence, : )

I hadn’t seen it in Rio’s Catalogue, but Gesswein Co. Inc. Tel: 1-800-544-2043 x 287 in CT:
203-366-5400 lists “Colorit” for sale in their online catalogue:
Digital Catalogs & Brochures In the “Select Jewelry Category”…
choose “Decorative Finishes”… and in the “Select Subcategory”
choose “COLORiT.” Hopefully they can supply to you overseas.

There’s an informative post in the “Orchid Archives” regarding
“COLORiT’s.” by someone at Gesswein Co. They’ve included their
contact info. at Gesswein and you can probably email them for
additional on ordering it .
Colorit and UltraUV alternatives - Jewelry Discussion - Ganoksin Orchid Jewelry Forum Community for Jewelers and Metalsmiths This site
also seems to supply “COLORiT” in Europe and World wide:

Found this info. on a suppler list website: Colorit, Inc., 260-A
Walsh Dr., P.O. Box 5756, Parsippany, NJ 07054 USA,
Phone:201-335-1788, Fax: 201-316-5201

For a bit more info. about “COLORiT”:

Hope you find a supplier who can supply the product to you in your

Very Best Regards!
Sharon Scalise
Ornamental Creations


‘Colorit’ resins and curing appliances are available from Australian
Jewellery Supplys, Brisbane and Sydney or Melbourne jewellery
supplys. Also Apecs Investment Castings, Melbourne, can do the application of ‘Colorit’ for you.
The equipment is not cheap.

Tony Eccles.

Hi everyone, I missed the original post that this response was
intended for… but Gesswein is the USA distributor for Colorit.
You can see it on our website:

(Click on the pictures on that page.)

You can also call us at 1-800-544-2043 and ask for extension 287 if
you’d like to talk to me directly. Or email me if you prefer. I’m
always very pleased to meet fellow Orchid subscribers and will send
you a free catalog if you like.

Best Regards,


Elaine Corwin
Technical Services
Gesswein Co. Inc.
255 Hancock Ave.
Bridgeport CT 06605
Tel: 1-800-544-2043 x287
Fax: 203-335-0300
email: or