Collegiate Licensing

Last night, my dad and I were talking about collegiate licensing.
He’s thinking about making some small wooden biplanes that are also
kaleidoscopes (you look through the tail of the plane, and spin the
propeller for the effect). I’ve been casting some sterling silver
ball markers with my friends’ best (golf) scores. He’d like to maybe
paint the planes in the college colors and/or put the logo on the
outside… I’m thinking of casting the logo’s for the mark.

As we were talking about it, we came to the conclusion (correctly
after the research that I’ve done) that we should be okay doing these
without licensing as long as we were doing it non-commercially (ie, a
plane as a gift for my brother-in-law, a UGA grad, or a Ga Tech logo
as a ball marker for me).

However, looking at some of the on the web about this,
it all seems to be geared towards “big business” (company wants to
produce official tee-shirts, or Nike wants to put the logos on their
new sneaker). Even the fees that I’ve seen lean in that direction
(approx $1000 for the application process, $200-$500 in advances,
7-10% royalties).

Has anyone else had any experience with this from a
"crafts-person’s" standpoint? Say, for example, I want to produce 30
Ga Tech logo-ed ball markers (that may sell out over the course of a
year)? I’m not trying to get around the legal issues (I just won’t
make the markers, Dad won’t paint the planes in that manner), but I’m
curious what some of your experiences have been with this issue. At
different festivals and shows, I have seen some crafts with
collegiate “stuff”. Are they doing that without the licensing, hoping
to be “small-enough-potatoes” to escape notice? Or, are there
different guidelines or rules for smaller volume?


Jon I have been making collegiate items for quite sometime. no matter
what scale of business you have you must now go through collegiate
licensing. contact the institution you will be representing and they
will get you the application. It is a tedious process! Micky Roof

Hi Jon, Re your question about collegiate licensing: I can only speak
for Kansas State University. They are very protective of their
logos and name. Shows within Kansas will be randomly visited and
screened for unlicensed use. I don’t know what penalty is applied.

Becoming licensed is not too difficult or costly.  A person wanting

to use the university’s name, logo, etc. would address a letter to
the Office for Institutional Advancement. They will want a
description of the item that will be produced, its wholesale price,
and an estimate of year’s total wholesale proceeds. The office
calculates a royalty payment for a year to be paid in advance. It’s
pretty much on the honor system thereafter so far as paying
royalties beyond the amount estimated.

If someone from out of state wants to use logos, they should

contact the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) at 770-956-0520. The
CLC will have appropriate for each school.

Hope that helps, Judy in Kansas where spring has turned into summer
  • temps today to be 89F!

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
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