Collegiant Licensing

Although I have not actually done collegiant licensing, I have
researched it for future reference. One of the websites regarding
this is The Licensing Resource Group.

In order to apply for a license, you need to have product liability
insurance. However, I found that the fees were not as bad as I had
thought they would be. Apparel fees are higher than any other fees.
For example, for their clients, the application fee is $50.00 per
institution. The royalty rates run from 7% to 10%, with the
majority being around 7.5%. The advanced royalty fees, for
non-apparel items, run from $0 to $500, with most between $0 and
$50. You must also get the “hang tags” to show that the items are
officially licensed.

You can also find out on the individual university’s
site. For example, North Carolina State University uses the
Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) of Atlanta, Georgia. I believe
CLC also has a website.

Most of the crafters you see with college products are NOT licensed.
I have talked to a few and their take on it is that each item is
individually made and they are not mass producing those items.
However, they are taking a risk of being sued. Fabrics bought with
college logos on it are specifically marked on the selvage “for
personal use only”.

Cathy Holleman
Crafty Cathy’s Creations
Winston-Salem, NC