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Collection definition?



I was asked to create a jewelry collection for an exhibition, and to
use gold. Until now, I have only made separate items, and have
worked with silver.

  1. What does a proper collection include? Earrings+necklace? Or a
    bracelet as well? Can a collection be unusual and include a
    brooch+hair jewelry+earrings only? I have final say here, but was
    curious as to what “a collection” really means.

  2. I can guess that working with gold differs from working with
    silver. LOL I want to add some woven articles in my pieces. Until
    now, I have woven 26 gauge silver wire around 18 gauge rods, or
    other combos where there is an 8 gauge difference. However, can
    anybody help me out with using gold? I would imagine that I would
    use gold-filled rods intsead of the softer gold. But how would the
    gauge ratio be for gold? Also, what wire gauge is best? how does the
    tension/strength differ from silver?

I really appreciate all your assistance, and thank you Hanuman for
creating the wonderful Ganoksin commmunity. I am pretty much self
taught and have no mentors or instructors to turn to. I am really
grateful for any tips.

Thanx and keep shining,


A collection is pretty much just a grouping with something in
common, such as a common inspiration. Don’t confuse it with a
"suite", which is a set of matched pieces that are designed to be
worn together.

Working with gold is significantly different from working with
silver. Low-carat gold (like 14k) is a lot stiffer than silver–
gold-filled is stiffer still, and too much heat can cause the gold
to “sink” into the brass underneath. It may take a little getting
used to. Good luck!