Collected stones

A friend of mine asked me how she could sell a collection of
stones. She has been collecting cabs and faceted stones for 20
years and would like to sell them. Do you have any suggestion
of who to contact?

Thank you for your responce to my SNAG and stamps question it
was very helpful and informative.

HI …House of Onyx buys and pays cash I also deal with a man
named KK who runs K+K International he buys and sells …HOOs
phone # is 1 800 844 3100 and K+Ks is 1 800 922 9838 …hope
this helps your friend tell her good luck for me. Ron

She could sell them at auction, to a dealer to privately. It
depends on the value of the items and how much time she has to
spend on the process of getting rid of them. If they are all
high value, then she could get rid of them all in one good
auction (Soetheby’s, for example) that featured jewelry. Selling
to a dealer, naturally she’ll take a hit. Why not donate them
to a Lapidary Museum or to a charity to sell at a fundraiser


Hi, You should try listing them individually on The
reason I say individually, is you get a better price
individually, than for the entire collection. Make sure you
have pictures with your ebay merchandise, you get better bids,
and people like me don’t place bids on items they can’t see. We
buy wholesale, so the majority of orchidites would expect
wholesale pricing on the collection. If you have a price in
mind, you may want to send a list to our email address, we may
be interested.

God Bless,

Why kind of stones did she collect? Precious (like diamonds,
sapphires, rubies or emeralds?) or semi-precious? I may be
interested in some stones in her collection, please email me with
info on the gem types she collected if she is willing to sell
them individually. If not, she can always go to local gem
dealers and see if they are willing to purchase the entire
collection, but I don’t think she will get as much as she would
selling the stones individually. Also she may want to try an
online auction service, like ebay, to sell the gems individually,
this is what I will probably do if I ever decide to sell off
stones from my collection. She would probably make more money
with an auction service, too.

Hope this helps.

Susan Leonetti

I also buy stones for both jewelry and a personal collection I
collect eyes and stars.If your friend has any of these I would
be more then interested Thanks for your time Ron