Cold solder

G’day, Jim; now my right leg is quite a bit longer than it was -
I hope my new knee hasn’t been affected. You may be hearing from
my lawyers, however, if it has sustained any damage. It did cost
me $12,500, after all. Ready to pay up?

JZ> PS When I was an apprentice they had me collecting saw bladefor
JZ> a month to solder back together. Have a good day. (: Jim

Didn’t you get sent to the foreman in the shop down the way to
get a long stand? Or get sent to the boss for some strap oil? Did
you get sent for a bucket of vacuum when you had to do casting
first time? What about getting frustrated on the first day at
school waiting for that little parcel which never arrived -
because the teacher said, “You can sit there for the present,
Jim?” Etc etc etc. ad nauseum. It’s a hard life, eh? :-[
Cheers, 8-]

   / /    John Burgess, (Taure excretum cerebrum obsidet)
  / /
 / //\    @John_Burgess2
/ / \ \

/ (___)

Gold Magnets for $ale! $179.99 :slight_smile:

$ilver Magnets for $ale! $59.95 :slight_smile:

                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and

Gold Magnets for $ale! $179.99 :slight_smile:
$ilver Magnets for $ale! $59.95 :slight_smile:

Hi Skip,

Haven’t you got any for diamonds?