Cold solder (of all things!)

Hi John,

You mean to say you don’t remember that thread about cold fusion
solder that was developed to region saw blades back together.
But of course the saw blades have be frozen in liquid oxygen
there by changing the nature of the steel to tougher and while in
the frozen state allow a jeweller to solder the blades back
together without either loosing the temper or sharpness of the
blade. I personally bought a mere dozen blades four years ago
after our conversation and am still using them. I don’t think
I’ll have to buy another until the millennium!

This wonderful was of course invented by Canadian for the Briex
Corp. that was mining Gold in Indonesia. Briax would drill
through the entire earth to Yukon gold field extracting the high
yield or back through center of the earth where it was smelted in
to round bars only requiring to be stamped. This being made
entirely possible via cold fusion solder.

Still don’t remember this? It could that cold fusion solder and
saw blades that don’t brake or get dull (the original question)
are only a jewellers dream. Thanks John for being a good sport.
Mark, Dave, and American Stock exchange, I was just kidding.

PS When I was an apprentice they had me collecting saw blade for
a month to solder back together. Have a good day. (: Jim

Your comments re Bre-ex in referencee to Canadians are in bad
taste. We are not proud of that scam, however there are a lot of
equals from the American side of the mining stocks. Win

Hook, line, and sinker!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who got
suckered in on this! :wink:

Good one, Jim! Oh yeah… and how about picking me up 50 yards
of flightline?

Dave Sebaste