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Cold Enamelling


Hello Friends

Can anybody suggest a good remedy for doing Colorit Enamelling Or
Cool enamelling in a finished Jewellery product (Not heating process
through Furnace)

Waiting for the response



Hi Srikanth,

The Colorit is one of the simple ways of achieving enamelling on a
finished jewellery product. It is quite simple in the process as
well. I had seen a demo quite a while ago and with a little practise
should be achievable. It basically requires a neat finished surface
on which you apply the colour and then treat the applied surface with
UV light. This application then hardens and is then left in glycerine
for a while. This surface can then be polised as well. This is what I
remember of the demo. If I can be of help in any way please feel free
to contact me off-list.

Hema, New Delhi