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Cold Connections


You said:

Recently there was a thread wherein was recommended
a book about cold connections by Tim McCreight called
"Metal Technic", at Brynmorgen Press. I have looked
for this book but could not find it using this

The book ‘Metals Technic’ ISBN #0-9615984-3-3, edited by Tim McCreight has
sections about 12 different fields:

Section Title Author

Sterling Granulation John Cogswell
Niello Phillip Fike
Anticlastic Raising Michael Good
Nonconforming Dies Susan Kingsley
Cold Connections David LaPlantz
An Intro to Fold Forming Charles Lewton-Brain
Toolmaking for Jewelers Tim McCreight
Kum-Boo:24K Overlay
on Silver Komelia Hongja Okim
Depletion Gilding on
Tumbaga Alloys Kris Patzlaff
Patination Claire Sanford
The Instant Etc Process Mary Ann Scherr
Reticulation Keikki Seppa

The Cold Connection section is about 14 pages.
Using the ISBN# just about any book seller should be able to get it. Rio Grande
usually has it in stock.