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Coiurier Nightmare Revisted

All, In a recent letter I described how a settlement shipment from
my refiner was delivered in an empty box which had been sliced open
and compromised. I learned from that lesson to thoroughly exam all
parcels before signing for them. Luckily I caught up with the
courier before he left the parking lot.

After advising my refiner of the loss, he promised immediate
replacement of the missing shipment.

Several days passed during which the refiner assured me that the
replacemnt had been sent. A tracking number revealed that the
shipment was in transit…still no delivery. A second tracking
inquiry denied the existence of the package !

It was then decided that USPS would be the default shipper and the
package was sent via Priority Overnight mail and arrived the next
day. ( At a cost to the refiner that was several times the courier
rate ) Moral of the story: Make sure that your refiner is a well
established company that can afford to replace your lost goods and
who will honor his commitments.

In this case I have been dealing with the David Fell Company in Los
Angeles as I have for the last many years… This is definitely not a
solicited endorsement… I am simply giving credit where credit is
due ! Ron Mills at Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, Ca.