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Coins with Cutouts

Hi, I am interested in how people cut out coin faces and other
things. How do you do it? What equipment do you use?

Thank you so much


Laura, It’s very low tech. You need a drill and a jeweler’s saw.
That’s all.

Joel Schwalb

My feelings as a coin collector causes me to wince when I see this
being done. I suggest you take a mold of the coin. Cut out the wax.
Cast a new positive, then cast as many as you like with a new mold.
“Authenticity” is irrelevant when the coin is destroyed.
Artistically, I see little in it. Better to use a frame.

Michael Hayman

Handcrafted Celtic and Medieval Jewelry
in Sterling and Gold

Laura-To cut out a coin you first need to drill a whole for the
jewelers saw blade. Sometimes it is advisable to use a punch on the
coin so that your drill bit will not slip and mar the face of the
coin. After the hole is drilled insert the saw blade and lock into
the saw handle and start cutting very carefully. Have fun! Bill Rodgers