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Coin Rings Again

I have a question about those coin rings that were discussed a while

If anyone knows what I am talking about perhaps you could help, Do
you tap the outer edge with the coin lying flat or on the outer edge
that usually has the little ridges. I am unsure of how to do it, but
am eager to try it.

Amanda Olson-Strawder

The sailors method was to have a piece of leather over wood and ya
beat the spoon against the coin till the edge rolls… continue
pounding till your size diameter meets your thickness specks drill
and sand till smooth… rub like hell with a mix of cigarette ash
and water with an old pair of dungarees till polished…

Ps. if you have the broach, they also would pound out from a small
hole to keep the inside coin markings. have seen them well over ten
mm’s wide

I am not sure of the type of coin rings are talking about but in
1944 I made rings out of a US quarter. Drill a hole in the center
and insert a center punch. Place it across the slightly open jaws of
a vise and tap around the periphery. The center hole gets larger and
the outside gets smaller. Anneal several times If you are lucky the
date will show on the finished ring.I was 19 at the time and knew
nothing about metal work. I learned by word of mouth