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Coconut ring


This was the first time I saw a ring made from a coconut shell and
somehow blackened to look like onyx with a small wire of silver
embeded in the top. My customer had it for eight years and now

Ron, I think the ring you are referring to is made from a small
tropical nut called Kuna nut. The material appears identical to
coconut, but the nut is much smaller, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter
with a thick shell. To make a ring you cut it in cross section, then
cut the hole in the center to the ring size you need, shape the
outside and polish as you wish. My wife and I some years ago cruised a
sailboat in Mexico and the Caribbean and she made a ring from one of
the nuts which she still wears. I think we have a couple of the nuts
around here someplace. If you wish you can contact us off list and
we’ll search around to see if we can find one for you.

Jerry in Kodiak


You won’t believe this one…Yesterday, I took my son Wolf and a
few friends to a Thai Festival, here in Los Angeles…Booths
everywhere selling things celebrating Thai culture. About midway
wading through these, I came across a booth that only sold products
made from coconut. Purses, woven bags, beads, necklaces, and yup…you
guessed it…rings. Funny coincidence. Anyway, the woman that sells
this work, is on-line of course…her name is Pareena, and her e-mail
is: Her phone # (323) 548-4831. This is her voice
mail, and you can leave a message by pressing 1. Hope this helps you
and anyone else who may be desperately looking for that perfect
coconut thingamabob.

Lisa,(rainy, misty, heavy fog, laced with the fragrance of the triple jasmine plant
that I bought at the festival), Topanga, CA USA