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Cobalt, Colombite, and Tantalum

Respected fellow Orchidians,

Hello All!

Would anybody be able to provide on Cobalt, Colombite,
and Tantalum or I’m not sure about the last one but it’s also known
as Tantalite or tantanium.

I’m not talking about Titanium. But Tantalum is definitely something

Prices, sources, mines, producing countries, sellers, etc., all
possible info is required for project feasibility study being

Thanking everyone in advance for any contribution.

God bless you all in your endeavors,


Lalit Jhaveri

Tantalum is often used for radiation shielding of electronic circuits
on commercial and military satellites because of its density and
inertness. Availability varies because of its relative scarcity and
market demand. It is currently priced about the same as gold making
it less desirable for that application.

Terry Vasseur

Hello Lalit!

I hope I am replying to you in a way that will get this message to
you. This is my first time replying to a question.


I did a search on Tantalum and came up with this website.

I, too, am interested in tantalum for jewelry purposes and to invest

I saw the name of Vishay Intertechnology Inc. 63 Lincoln Hwy,
MalvernPA 19355 on this web site.

Also one of the current issue of an African Magazine on the newsstand
has an article about Col-tan & Euxenite and Columbium and Niobium.

Hope this helps,


Dear Gwen, Lalit, et al… Tantalum is the mate of Niobium. The
process of separating the two is the most costly of all metal
separations. Example of pricing: 28 GA, 6" X 36" Titanium $10.00,
Niobium $110.00, Tantalum - who knows these days… $700.00 plus,

Titanium must be acid etched or washed or something. Highly caustic,
expensive ventilation system required. That is why you will see Ti
prices pretty much the same as Nb.

Niobium is the most beautiful precious metal on the planet (I’m
highly prejudiced!). It is soooooo easy to work with, soooooo
beautiful to color, sooo easy to sell. Why would anyone work with
any other reactive metal?

Tantalum? I’ve never heard of any jeweler using it. The mill
doesn’t even sell a jewelry grade.

The following are the two places I would recommend you take a peek
at. 1) They have been doing Nb since dirt was
young. They are the most experienced, and have the most beautiful
products. Other related HY sites:
and I hope both of these
sites are still working.

  1. Bill Seeley, Reactive Metals, Clarkdale, AZ: 800-876-3434. Bill ‘knows everything
    there is to know’ about reactive metals. Talk to him before you dive
    into anything you may not be sure about. He sells it, he lives it,
    he breaths it. I highly recommend you visit with him.

Good luck to all, and I hope you have fun. “Red”