Coating silver? (anti tarnish)

I have been asking Mark (I’m Lee) about using something to coat
our sterling silver to prevent tarnish. He told me to “ask the
Orchid list” What are the best treatments? Can they be used on
gold and siver combination pieces. How are they used? Will they
harm the skin, body etc.

Thanks, Lee

Mark’s Custom Creations

We did research and tests that showed Haggerty’s to slow down
the rate of tarnish the best.

Alan Revere
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
San Francisco

Hi, Lee et al

“The very best treatment” I don’t know, but Rhodium plating is
well appliable also to Starling Silver. Here we’re used to do it
also before making molds : we treat the pieces of model that way
(after we polish them) in order to have the wax patterns
fabulously smooth. Then tumble the casted pieces. The result is
very good and we can save time and superfluous efforts.


Aogi Yoshizawa
Valenza, Italy

Dear Lee: There are a few ways to skin this cat (protecting
silver/gold from tarnishing). 1. Shellac. This yellows in time
and looks tacky. 2.Very expensive equipment which applies special
films electrolytically. 3. Tarn-a_void. This is a 2 part solution
that goes on clear and prtoects the metal for about a year,
depending on handling. You need a rectifer to apply this. Call
me if you want more info. Eisinger Ent 1-800-282-1980