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Coating for oxidized silver?


I am making a silver ring that is completely oxidized black. Is
there some process to coat the oxidization so that it does not wear
away over time. Right now I am using win-ox or liver of sulfur which
do a great job oxidizing but I would like to protect it somehow. I
see designers in large department stores who have oxidized pieces and
it always looks slightly different. I have a feeling they are either
using a different process or use some sort of coating. I tried clear
nail polish but it make the pieces shiny which I would like to avoid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have used nitrocellulose lacquer with great success for preserving
all sorts of patinas. If the finish is too shiny for you, you can
buff it with a soft brass brush to get a more matte finish. For
porous patinas I apply 2 coats of lacquer thinned 50%, let dry and
follow with 2 coats of full strength. Nitrocellulose lacquer is not
going to be found at Home Depot but can be ordered from luthier
supplies such as Steward MacDonald

Believe me, furniture lacquer and so forth that you find at the
hardware store is not going to cut it.

If you are going to use a coating like a lacquer use ones that are
designed fro the purpose not the consumer grade clear coatings from
home desperate or other hardware stores. A great lacquer for metal
is Nikolas 2105

It is a modified nitrocellulose lacquer designed for metals I have
used this lacquer for years and it is excellent in adhering to metal
and patinas. As with the lacquer mentioned above you cannot by it at
the home store but you can purchase it from Nikolas.

But even the best of coatings will not stand up to daily wear on
items like bracelets, rings etc. it just is too much to ask. So
either accept that or design your work in such a way to protect the
work and or patina from abrasion from clothing and the day to day
environment. Even the exotic CVD black coatings wear off, it is just
a fact of life.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts