CNC problem Model A

Hi ! I have been working, with a Model A by Roland for 6 months
but still some details I have to polish and develop, in order to
get a high quality wax piece. I fabricate a reduction the cutter
mouth, and adapt a foredom .5 mm round head cutter wish I found
to be the best for 3d models, because while the tool is going
down cutting the piece, it does not destroy the already cut parts
like with a cone shape cutter. I also find out that inputing the
software a smaller diameter tool helps a little to give a better
finish. Of couse always the draft and fine mode have to be used.
MACHINED, it has a lot of vertical and horizontal stripes, which
I have to file, but in the time I file, the piece loose its
original shape. My question is : Does any one knows how to left a
real smooth surface.

Hints: I’m using green Ferris wax , and in the software materials
I’m putting “chemical wax (hard)” I always use draft and then fine
mode. My cutting tool is a round head .5 mm, but in the software
i’m putting .3 mm


Gus, I’d love to give you some thoughts on what you’re asking,
but some of your terms I’ve never heard of. Fabricate a
reduction the cutter mouth. Now what the heck is that.?I think
you said that you make a smaller collet (holder) for the cutter
you are using. I have not used the Roland unit, but I can tell
you where to get some smaller cutters designed to be used on wax
or plastic. The way we have minimized lines on our patterns is to
run the spindle at a very high RPM. The better machines can run
at 50,000 RPM and higher You might slow your stepover rate while
increasing the spindle speed. If your mill can’t go faster than
12,000 RPM you may not be able to eleminate the lines. Again I
would not change a lot of things. One change at a time so you
know what the results are.You can email me at @T_R_Hawkinson_Ltd
Regards, TR the Teacher.