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CNC milling service


Can anyone recommend companies who will mill out your design files
for you?

Andes Cruz Designs


Sorry I don’t have any advice on service but I do have an observation
1/2 years. My early pieces were so clunky and unrefined, I can’t
imagine having to pay someone to mill them for me and then get back a
piece that was really not very good because my designs were so poor.
It has taken me a long time to learn the language of CNC. Just how
big is.15mm? Just what will that curve really look like when it is
not on the screen but on a piece of jewelry? It takes me several
models to get the refinement I am looking for. Perhaps you have a
better understanding and better design skills than I do, {I hope

Anyhow, I suggest you consider leasing a mill. I heard at the last
MJSA show that it costs about $100+/- to mill a piece, don’t remember
from who. I would have spent so much money getting a good piece that
leasing a mill was a great investment for me. I just got my 2nd mill
and it costs about $500 a month, that is only 5 or maybe 6 pieces a
month. I mill all day long. Anyhow, just a bit of I hope
that you can use.

Happy Holidays, Dennis


For best quality and price, especially the difficult jobs, call
Brant at E-Wax, (630) 968-6001. Professional machining background,
superb quality.



Hello Wayne,

Check out or contact Brain at or
call 215-493-1300 he does surpurb macro CAM machining in wax,
plastic or metal.



I cnc mill for my own work, around 7 years of practice and still
learning. I’m just a 1 person shop but providing the best service
possible is the rule, whether producing finished custom pieces,
models or milled waxes.

Successful use of a cad cam milling technique requires that the
model is constructed with the limitations of milling in mind. I’d be
happy to look at one of your models and give a quote for milling.
(send me a rhino2 or.stl file for a confidential look see) My charges
for milling start around $75 USD per job (which can include multiple
pieces) for a ready to mill rhino or stl file. More if I have to make
model adjustments, though I’ll try to teach you what works best with
my set up. I much prefer charging less and just milling to your file
rather than having to make adjustments.

the 2-3K$ for your own machine and learning how to use it. I find
that sometimes stuff which looks great on the screen is a dismal
failure when milled, a.1mm change to the drawing can make all the

If I haven’t scared you with the price or advice I look fore wards
to hearing from you.

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing


Hi Andes,

I do cnc milling and might be able to help you in some ways. Do you
do your own burnout and casting?

Email me at I will send you an document
on what I can do and how much it would actually cost you (if the work
can be done on a cnc mill. Dean gordon

GOLDesigner Ltd.
Gold casting svcs.


Hello, I am glad to know what you charge however. I have 2 mills,
and everything you said is true about understanding the mills
capabilities. Do you ever mill directly into metal? I am looking for
someone with experience in this technique. One of my mills will do
it but I have no experience so I might like to have you do a couple
of metal models for me.

thanks, Dennis