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CNC milling machine - Model Master

Dear Forum members. We are considering buying the Model Master
milling machine. Our objective is to use it for making metal molds
and if possible it would be good if we also can use the same machine
for milling masters in epoxy. We have been consulting various
sources, but are still unsure on how suitable the machine really is
for making high quality metal molds. If anyone has experience using
the Model Master for this purpose we would greatly appreciate any
insight you might be able to give us. Also if anybody has experience
with other CNC milling machines it would be very helpful to get your
comments on these machines. Thanks very much. martin

Aloha Martin, Though I have been an Applications / Technical
Representative for Model Master, I started out as a customer. Using
ArtCAM Pro (and now ArtCAM Jewels mith) with a Model Master 4 axis
Mill, for the last 7 years or so, has been nothin g short of joy and
amazement. I currently have 2 Model Master CNC mills. I sol d my 3rd
CNC (another brand) to get a larger Model Master, the CNC 4000. Not
o nly do I furnish training, support and sell the tech, I use it.

I regularly cut dies in T6 aluminum and cut directly in silver, gold
and platinum. You are not limited by the Model Master machine, where
you will be with many others. Only by type of material, chip load,
the cutting tool and tool geometry, will you be limited on a mill
that is up to the task. A lot of the mills out there don’t have the
accuracy, resolution, rigidity, power, nor pr oper spindle, to cut
even good dies in Plexiglas, let alone metal. These are some things
to consider when looking for a mill. Model Master has well over 750
systems worldwide, and I would be happy to furnish references (10 at
a time) , so you can speak to actual users. Actually there are many
Model Master customer s here on Orchid and will probably chime in to
share their experience. If I ca n answer any questions to help you
make an educated decision or be of service,

please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

I have had the MM mill for a few years and have been very pleased
with it. I do not use it to cut metal molds though. When I was
checking references from MM a few years back, I was told that
cutting metal with the mill would really screw it up. This was
coming from a current customer. I do know that the guys at Model
master are constantly growing and improving their products though,
so perhaps this is no longer an issue. I just returned from the
Tucson show and I want to say the things MM are doing with their
mill are very exciting. In my opinion for cutting wax or resin
models, it can’t be beat. ArtCAM is one of the best products out
there and the support MM offers is great.BTW this is coming from a
die hard rhino user. Zach Freshman

Aloha Zach, I am happy you enjoy and have been productive with Model
Master products. Yes, we are always improving and upgrading our
hardware and software, based on the requests and needs of our
customers. The statement you refer to was in regard to Ferrous
metals such as Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel, though we do have
machines that can do that as well. The biggest issue is wear on the
screws, you could do it, but would be replacing screws in short
order. The other is productivity, it is faster to mill an EDM
electrode, in graphite or copper and burn it or output out of ArtCAM
to a 3D Laser to cut it. I cut T6 aluminum, gold, and other
nonferrous metals with no difficulty, nor strain on the machine.
Just to let you know and clear up any misconceptions.

Best Regards,