Cloudy Rhodium

Hi everyone,
I’ve been getting inconsistent results with my rhodium plating for quite some time, after I install fresh rhodium solution as well as all the other liquids such as degreaser , neutralizer and distilled water rinses, it works great at first but unfortunately around a week later my rhodium plating will turn out very cloudy and haziness as well. Does anyone know what could cause those results? Thanks everyone!

I’m not 100% sure of what is causing your white cloudy haziness, but your rhodium is being contaminated, which of course you know. It would help to know your process to help identify what step it’s getting contaminated.

When I plated; I used my ultrasonic cleaner with a strong commercial solution like Ultra-CR from Stuller. Then I would rinse with water, steam clean, use an electro-cleaning solution in a Speed Brite Ionic Cleaner, rinse with water, steam clean, then plate.