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Cloudy finish

Hi all I have been polishing a number of pieces of in 18k white with a
lot of shiny surfaces. I am using green rouge , not that should have
anything to do with my problem and it works well for me . I am
cleaning my a commercial ultrasonic cleaner in which I set at
about 170 deg., along with some Polychem CR100 cleaner which does a
good job also . The problem I am having is that when I take the pcs.
out of the ultrasonic to steem and dry I find that the finish has
some what of a cloudy or hazy effect on them . At this point I would
dry them off and touch them back on the buff just enough to get a high
polish back and then swish them in the tank for a few seconds, steem
and dry them to finish . Can anybody tell me why I get this cloudy
haiz stuff, I hate having to polish much less polish twice Thanks ,

Jimmy, Are the pieces cast? Sounds like sponge or shrink spot
porosity, usually generated by cooling/setting problems-- too quick
or misdirected-- after casting.

The appearance of these areas is often worsened by the the
ultrasonic, which finds the pinpoint porosities and scours them.

Loupe the bad areas and look for a spongey or lightly pitted surface.

Good luck, Andy Cooperman