Cloudy and cracked Emeralds

Ok …

I have read up quite a lot about emeralds and there cleaning
regarding ultrasound , but I have not been able to find any pics
of stones that have been damaged , the reasoning here is this.

If stones have been “fixed” as such by injecting them with
resins , how would I know if a stone , whether large or small
has passed the “fixing” process , as I see a lot of relatively
large stones here that are pretty badly cracked up inside and
not worth buying if they were to be cut down to the undamaged
pieces as they are to sporadically spread in the original stone
, but if they can be fixed with resins these would be really
good sized pieces , do you have any advice on

Thanks once again.
Greg Efendakis
Fendakis Investments
Zambia Limited

Greg, When in doubt leave it out.One of the sales people in our
shop put an emerald ring in the ultra sonic and forgot to get it
out when she did remember all six stones were gravel in the
bottom of my cleaner.I got payed to replace them though.
Best J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio