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Closing my jewelry store

Dear All,

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to close my
jewelry store and small manufacturing company at the end of this
year. We are located in the small city of Durand, MI, roughly half
way between Flint and Lansing. I opened the retail store in 1979 and
bought the manufacturing business in 1980, and health issues with
both my wife and myself are forcing this decision on us.

If I happened on a younger individual looking for an opportunity to
get into this industry, and willing to invest in an existing business
with a reasonably bright future, I would be glad to work with them to
make that happen, however there seems to be a lack of people who
would consider themselves ready for that next large step.

Assuming that does not happen, I plan to run a GOB sale from October
through December, then sell all the equipment and supplies during an
on-line auction in January. In addition to the benches, tools,
polishing motors, dust collectors, etc., there will be thousands of
rubber molds, hundreds of metal molds, and equipment too numerous to
list here. If anyone wishes to be notified prior to the auction,
please contact me off-line at [jmfuja AT] and I will
notify you in advance of the sale.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this note, and I wish you
all well in the future.

Jon Michael Fuja
Jon Michael’s Jewelers
Fayrick Mfg. Inc.

hello Jon, Will you keep in touch with me? I’m thinking about the
very samething and would like to know how it works out. Thank you. I
hope it all goes really well. Good luck. tom

Sorry to hear your closing down. Names Ron you cast our wedding
rings. If I was even 15 yrs younger I’d jump on the chance !.

Some young jeweler/smith could make a nice living. I really hope
someone steps up for you, good luck.