Does anyone have any tips on forming cloisonne wire on a domed
surface when making a pendant. Thanks Miki

Make sure your cloisonne wires are annealed. I also found that
keeping wires connected to each other helps. What I mean here is
when a wire completely crosses a piece, run it off the edge and
use the same wire elsewhere on the piece. Once the wires are set
in your basecoat or flux, you can clip off the excess on the edge
of the piece. Hope that makes sense!!

It’s easier to bend the fine silver cloisonne wire if you anneal
it in the kiln at 800 degrees for 1-2 minutes. After you do the
first firering, take a spatula and push down on it lightly, as
soon as it’s out of the kiln to push the wires into the hot
glass. After it cools, you can still push down on the wire in
spots that aren’t embedded into the glass so it is sitting flush.
Don’t push too hard or you may flatten your form. I have found
it’s not always necessary for things to be absolutly flush. some
people say it isn’t necessary to anneal the fine silver wires,
but try it and you can really tell the difference!