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Cloisonne wire

Hi! Some artists have used copper, gold and even steel binding wire-
It is fun to experiment.You can also use brass, like the chinese
importers do. An autrailian enamelist (I can’t remember her name.)
uses binding wire that she mills, and gets a sharp black line. Some
artist use the rolling mill on commercial cloisonne wire,and then
aneal even fine silver or gold to make it more pliable. Leave it in
the kiln at 800 degrees for 2 minutes.I have also heard of artists
using precious metal clay and making shapes and then droping them into
their enamel. You can also use round wire. You can also texture your
silver and gold foils on the rolling
mill. Have fun! good luck sue knopp

I believe The name of the Australian enamelist who uses black binding
wire in her enamels is Jenny Gore. Round brass wire is very
effective, and when I was teaching enameling I had my beginning
students use heavy round copper and brass wire in the small plaques
they made. as it was easier for them to handle than the traditional
flat wire… Once they became familiar with the cloisonne technique
I had them switch to flat fine silver wire. It is always
good to try different things and avoid getting into a rut.- Alma