Cloisonne photography a new game

I have been doing cloisonne’ since the fall and am having to kind of
start all over with my photography. What worked very well for natural
stone doesn’t work for cloisonne’. So far I haven’t found a way to
photograph without a reflection on the cloisonne’, even with my Cloud
Dome. Any help? Encouragement?

Tangentially related: To make matters worse, we had to change from
our Windows 98 to Windows XP. (I have done my taxes with TurboTax in
the past and it would not work on the old Windows.) The problem I
have now is that none of my old software (Adobe PhotoDeluxe,
FrontPage, etc.) works on the new computer. I realize I should
probably buy PhotoShop but I am afraid none of the versions out now
will be compatible with the Windows Vista. We will even have to
change our ISP from CompuServe when the Vista upgrade comes out
because they won’t support it! A lot of expense just to get back to a
working situation on my photos, etc.

J. S. Ellington


Contact me off orchid for some regarding the photography
of cloisonne. My website is still being developed but please feel
free to go and see my cloisonne that I photographed myself.

Jennifer Friedman
Ventura, CA