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Clip-on Earring sources

Does anyone have any good wholesale sources for silver clip on
earrings? I’ve never really stocked too many clip on earrings before,
but lately I’ve been getting more and more requests, so I guess it’s
something I need to look into! Plus, all the women who ask for them
comment on how few retailers carry them, so perhaps it’s another
product niche waiting to be exploited!


Rio sells sterling and gold clip on earring components. I’ve only
had the request for them once, but found the prices were reasonable
and the quality very good.


Hi Doug.

I began making clip on’s as an option for some of my production
findings and have since had several calls for clip on earrings in
custom / one off designs.

If you make earrings with a base large enough for the placement of
an Omega clip or standard clip and hinge, it really isn’t difficult
to make clip on earrings from your own designs.

Just “map” the territory needed for the clip placement and choose
designs that will accommodate them. Check for center of gravity and
angle the earring should be worn before soldering the hinge in

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix

Fire Mountain has lots of clip-on style earrings, for pearls,
dangles, and other applications.


I have made earrings with an Omega clip and a fold down ear post so
that it can be worn by those with or without pierced ears. It is a
bit time consuming but I liked the challenge. You could make a
stationary post on a pad and if used by someone without pierced
ears, just clip off the post. If the post is used the clip secures
the earring with the need of a clutch. Joe Dule FWIW.