Cleveland and Cain Park

At risk of pestering… Are there really no words of wisdom out there
about either the Cain Park show or galleries in Cleveland? True,
Cleveland is not the center of the known universe, but I tend to
assume this good cohort knows all things!


Hi Noel,

I grew up in this area, Shaker Hts. actually, and though we used to
refer to Cleveland as the mistake on the lake it has a thriving
artist community. There are many galleries in the University Circle
area, including in the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland
Institute of Art. There is another gallery community in Murray Hill
which has an Art Walk 2-3 times a year. Cleveland State University
has a great gallery and the Shaker Square area has several
interesting galleries. There are pockets af artists in many suburbs
of Cleveland - I am not sure what you are looking for but if you
contact me off list @Beth_Thompson I can dig up some information
for you. I don’t know much about the Cain Park Event.

Beth Thompson

Hi Noel,

I live in Cleveland Heights but I have never done the Cain Park
show. They have a core of local jewelers and don’t seem to let
anymore in. Word of mouth says it’s a decent show - you are treated
very well. People usually respond well to ‘new’ artists - but
Cleveland economy has taken a blow and money is not flowing as freely
as one would like. As far as galleries, there isn’t much here. You
might want to check out the American Crafts Gallery on Larchmere in
Shaker Heights. Also the Riley Hawk gallery at Eaton Square. On the
westside there is a fellow Orchidian’s gallery called Eye Candy
Gallery, owner Rita Telaak. I don’t know if she is accepting new
artists right now.(?) That’s about all I can tell you. I will be out
of state doing another show during Cain Park or I would come up and
see you. Hope it goes well for you.

Grace Stokes

The Cain Park show in Cleveland Heights is a very nice show. Most
artists are from out of town and many return every year.

As a lover of art, I try to visit the show every year. As an Artist,
I know that sales at all shows are way down. Galleries - hmmm, that’s
a tough one. There are many galleries, some are known as “non
payers” for those who consign, and some of the ones that buy
"out-right" are closing. The booming economy has not appeared in the
Cleveland area for almost 9 years now.

Wishing you a properous show!

Just one more comment. Several of the more affluent areas have
recently been hit with uninsured flooding damage.