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Clear jewelers epoxy resins


My friend is planning to buy Ice Resin, a jeweler’s grade (two-part)
epoxy resin that will stay clear/not yellow, according to the maker.
It costs about $24 for an 8-oz bottle, plus $8-$10 shipping. Crafters
are using Ice Resin to make mixed media pendants by filling a
purchased bezel with the resin after gluing a paper design to the

Does regular jewelers epoxy resin stay clear, and is it more
economical to buy than this Ice Resin?

I don’t know whether the marketer has simply repackaged regular
jewelers epoxy resin for the crafters market. She says it is
self-doming, but I’m guessing that any thick resin would form a
gentle dome if you pour it in two pours.

Thank you very much for your input.
Georgette Woo

Re:Ice Resin compaired to other resinsI have used all kinds of resin
in all kinds of ways. I have used the 5 minute stuff and the Ice
Resin. I use less expensive resin when I mix in sand or color. It
doesn’t matter then if it yellows. I have used the Ice Resin
extensively on photos. It is better. It domes perfectly. It is
crystal clear. Is it any different than other resins I can’t say? I
do like it. When I am doing a photographic design I don’t want it to
ever yellow so I am trusting them that it won’t. I have only made
those kind of items for 5 years and have not seen any back on my
bench so I don’t know how they are holding up. I guess try it and see
if you are happy with it. Like I said I do reserve the ice resin for
photos only (coat the photo first-edges with nail polish, top with a
thin layer of the resin itself and let dry.)

Happy making… :slight_smile: